Aquatic life shaped the corresponding physique of a reptile: the physique of crocodiles is lengthynearly straight, a straight lengthy head, a powerful tail, claws are brief with fingers related by membranes. Crocodile is a cold-blooded animal, physique temperature can attain about 30 levelstypically 34 levels, to ambient temperature related. The animal world of crocodiles could be very numeroushowever the species differs solely within the lengthy physique, there are reptiles as much as 6 meters, however most of them are 2-4 m. The biggest combed crocodiles weigh greater than a ton and have a size of 6.5 m. They’re discovered within the Philippines. The smallest land crocodiles 1.5-2 m reside in Africa. Below water, the crocodile’s ears and nostrils are closed with valves, clear eyelids fall over the eyes, because of which the animal sees effectively even in muddy water.

The crocodile’s mouth has no lips, so it’s not tightly closed. The doorway to the esophagus is closed with a palatine curtain to stop water from getting into the abdomen. The eyes of the crocodile are situated on the pinnacle, so solely the eyes and nostrils are seen above the water floor. The brown-green coloration of the crocodile camouflages it effectively within the water. If the ambient temperature is elevated, the inexperienced hue is dominant. The pores and skin of the animal consists of robust sexy plates that defend the inner organs effectively. Crocodiles don’t shed, in contrast to different reptiles, their pores and skin is consistently rising and renewing. Resulting from its elongated physique, the animal maneuvers completely and strikes rapidly within the water, utilizing its highly effective tail as a rudder.


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