The bear is the most important predator on earth. This animal belongs to the category of mammals, the order of predators, the bear household, bears (Latin Ursus). The bear appeared on the planet about 6 million years in the past and has all the time been an emblem of power and energyRelying on the species, the physique size of a bear can vary from 1.2 to three meters, and its weight ranges from 40 kg to half a ton. These animals have a thick physiquea brief neck and a big head. Robust jaws make it straightforward to gnaw each vegetable and meat meals. The limbs are fairly brief and barely curved. Due to this, the bear walks sideways and may stand on all its toes. In instances of hazard, the velocity of a bear can attain 50 km. With the assistance of huge and sharp claws, these animals extract meals from the bottom and climb timber.

Many bear species swim effectively. A polar bear has a particular membrane between the fingers. The life expectancy of a bear can attain 45 years. Individuals who ask the query of what’s a bear are additionally curious concerning the fundamental options of this animal. Contemplating the historical past of the bear, it’s doable to speak about many components for these creatures. Bears have sharp eyesight; however they can’t hear effectivelyThat is compensated by a wonderful sense of odorGenerally they stand on their hind legs to get details about the atmosphere. The thick coat of the bear that covers the physique has a special colour: the pores and skin colour can range from black to white or brown. After they become older, their fur turns an ashen colour. Glosbe, alternativelyis named the Latin for a similar.


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