Crocodile is the final title of enormous, thick and crusty-skinned reptile species from the Crocodile household that reside in streams in heat areas. From a distance, they appear to be lizards. Their our bodies are coated with arduous bony plates. They’ve 5 toes on their entrance toes and 4 toes on their hind toes. The toes are fully or partially webbed. Their lengthy, flattened tails act as oars within the water. They’ve very robust jaws, adorned with robust tooth. Solely the higher jaw opens. The fleshy tongue is hooked up to the decrease palate. Their eyes, nostril and ears are positioned on the highest of their heads. Whereas swimming in water, they will simply see, hear and breathe round them. Though they will hardly carry their our bodies on land, they swim very effectively in water. They relaxation through the day, largely looking at night time. They’ll see effectively at night time as a result of their pupils are vertical. They feed on fish, birds and mammals that come to the water. There are additionally those that assault folks.

They suffocate their prey by squeezing it between their highly effective jaws and pulling them into the water. They use their tooth to shred their prey. They swallow it in items with out chewing. In addition they swallow gravel and stones for digestion. Then they pull out the particles between their tooth. As a result of recent meat is tough to digest, some species bury their prey and anticipate them to rot. The order Crocodilia are giant reptiles that emerged on the finish of the Cretaceous interval, about 84 million years in the past. They’re the closest residing kinfolk of birds. Birds and crocodiles are the final unclassified residing members of the Archosauria group. The Crocodilia order is likely one of the members of the Crurotarsi group, which emerged 220 million years in the past within the Triassic interval and divided into varied shapes within the Mesozoic interval.


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