The world is filled with superb animals. The Canadian lynx is precisely one among them. These cats have half the dimensions of regular lynxes and far fluffier delicate fur. It’s a hunter with a really quick tail, extremely massive claws, and wild sufficient to kill a human. They’re predators. One of many causes for his or her extinction is the hunters who wish to have stunning fur. The tail of the lynx, which has a particular characteristic with the black within the ear components, is brief. The lynx, whose ears are very delicate, has a really excessive listening to energy.

They’re often seen at evening and are silent. By way of imaginative and prescient, they’ll even see a mouse from 75 meters, however they’ve very sturdy foot constructions and due to these sturdy toes, they’ve the flexibility to leap in rocky areas and climb a really massive tree. Their eating regimen is often rabbit, fox, deer, and so on. It feeds on wild animals resembling They’ll additionally hunt prey which are 3-4 occasions bigger than themselves. Their mating time is named February-April. They often stay alone. It feeds by searching mammals or birds smaller than itself within the areas they stay in. It lays an ambush. They comply with their prey silently, method and hunt. By hiding the carcasses of the wild animals they hunt beneath leaves or branches, they’ll come again after 5-6 days and meet their meals wants from the carcasses they disguise.


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