Regardless of the energy of the African lion, he has many enemies. Through the hunt, zebras can break the lion’s tooth and bones by throwing a tough pair. On this case, the lion might develop into crippled, having to feed on small rodents. They’ll additionally get a extreme horn wound from their prey with robust horns, comparable to gnu, white antelope, and buffalo. This wound can kill them straight or trigger them to develop into contaminated. So in each circumstances, the lion’s life is at risk. Or, noticed hyenas who wish to take their prey can pose a hazard to them.

The prey hunted by 5-6 lionesses, 15 hyenas cannot solely seize their meals, but in addition inflict critical accidents to them. As well as, generally a lion climbing a tree can die by getting caught in sharp branches whereas descending. About 10 thousand years in the past, lions have been frequent in 5 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. At this time, they’re fully extinct in all the Americas, in all components of the Asian continent besides India, in all of Europe and a part of the African continent. At this time, the African lion subspecies constitutes essentially the most populous race of the lion species. Within the wild, the African lion lives solely within the southern components of the African Sahara Desert, about half of Central Africa, East Africa and a small a part of Southern Africa.


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