The lion’s physique is thicker and shorter than different cat breeds. Its pelt is a yellowish ashen colour, the male has lengthy hairs on his neck known as a “mane”. His eyes are small in comparison with the scale of his face. There’s a fingernail within the tassel on the tip of its tail, which falls off later. The lion’s weight is about 250 kilograms. Its size from head to tail finish is 2.50 meters. Its top from the bottom can be about one meter. As a result of it is vitally agile, it will possibly soar as much as 4 meters excessive, however can not climb bushes. It principally lives in deserts and steppes amongst bushes.

It goes out to hunt at night time and assaults animals that come to drink water. It might simply tear giant animals comparable to bulls and water buffalo with its robust claws and carry it by attaching it to its enamel. Though he often hunts alone, it has additionally been seen that a number of lions hunt collectively. Since he’s very cautious, he’s not very intrusive. However as soon as it tastes human flesh, it seems for alternatives to hunt people. The locals lurk round their village and lie in wait. When it is time to mate, eight or ten lions comply with a feminine. There are even bloody fights between male lions. When the lioness chooses the male, the opposite males transfer away.


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