Killer whales are social animals and journey in teams. They swim, soar, and dive in circles round one another. Orcas have a singular technique of communication. They make noises to speak to different orcas round them. What do the sounds imply? You would need to be a killer whale to know the reply to this query. These animals should not aggressive until they’re looking for prey. Fairly, they’re generally referred to as curious, playful animals that attempt to work together with individuals watching close by.

These animals stay in oceans everywhere in the world. They’re significantly plentiful in chilly waters across the Arctic, Antarctic, and Norway. Quite a few orcas are discovered within the North Pacific Ocean from California to Russia. Orcas dwelling within the Pacific Northeast area are referred to as residents. They’re known as calm as a result of they keep inland. Alternatively, some killer whales swim up and down the coasts of southeast Alaska and British Columbia. These animals can stay in each chilly and heat water habitats.


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