Dwarf species develop 2-3 meters in size and weigh as much as 200 kg. This weight is the size of a new child killer whale. As well as, the pygmy killer whale hunts squid and fish, whereas the orca eats bigger prey. Additionally, whereas dwarf species are hardly ever seen, killer whales are extra frequent in varied locations. The dorsal fin (on the animal’s again) might be as much as 1.5 meters lengthy. The tail fin helps it transfer shortly by the water. The dorsal fin gives stability because the animal swims. Alternatively, their pectoral (aspect) fins help the orca to steer in addition to stand. The most important recognized killer whale was 8 meters lengthy.

Its lengthy, smooth hull glides throughout the ocean like a submarine. These animals can attain speeds of as much as 53 km / h. This breeze helps them hunt and catch fish, seals, and different marine life. These animals have lungs that want to soak up oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. You’ve one thing in frequent with a killer whale! A killer whale’s blowhole acts as its nostril. The air gap is situated above the pinnacle. Due to this fact, when the animal must breathe or exhale, it raises the highest of its head above the water floor. The utmost time these animals can keep underwater with out respiratory is about quarter-hour. However most can maintain their breath for about 10 minutes.


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