Killer whales are the biggest members of the dolphin household. They’re straightforward to acknowledge due to their black backs and white undersides. Different names are ‘orka’. These animals are carnivores that feed on fish and seals. They will adapt to each chilly and heat water habitats. Feminine orcas are recognized to stay 10 to twenty years longer than males. Orcas use echolocation to hunt within the ocean. Newborns can dive and swim. Every of an grownup’s tooth is 10 cm lengthy. There isn’t a actual hunter.

The underside of orcas is vivid white, whereas the vast majority of the again and fin, together with the fin, is a easy black color. Every of those animals has a white eye spot simply behind it. They’ve tooth that may be as much as 10 cm lengthy. In dimension, the orca may be 6 to eight meters lengthy. It is laborious to understand the scale of those animals till you see it with your individual eyes! They will weigh as much as 8 tons. These animals share some traits with the pygmy killer whale. The scientific identify of the pygmy killer whale is Feresa attenuata. It’s one other member of the dolphin household. In dimension, it’s a lot smaller than the dwarf sort orca.


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