For the honey badger this was probably the least craziest part of his day.


Honey badgers have lengthy our bodies and brief legs; physique size is within the vary of 55–77 cm, tail size is within the vary of 12-30 cm. Females are smaller than males; males weigh between 9 and 16 kg, and females between 5 and 10 kg. Their pores and skin may be very free and thick; The slack provides them the power to spin freely and battle when caught. Their fur is white or grey on the again and black down the shoulders. Honey badgers are animals of dry habitats and reside in these areas. They often reside alone.

Their highly effective entrance claws are very helpful for digging burrows. They’re omnivores and eat something edible; resembling rodents, birds, bugs, reptiles, frogs, vegetables and fruit. Honey badgers have a reasonably thick pores and skin. This makes them proof against assault by different predators. Though their pores and skin is thick, they’re fairly free, which permits them to show in a short time in a really comfy approach. Additionally, a brief hair-covered tail permits them to simply survive assaults by different animals.


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