May 28, 2023
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Bear Videos The bear is the biggest predator on earth. This animal belongs to the category of mammals, the order of predators, the bear household, bears (Latin Ursus). The bear appeared on the planet about 6 million years in the past and has all the time been an emblem of energy and energy. Relying on the species, the physique size of a bear can vary from 1.2 to three meters, and its weight ranges from 40 kg to half a ton. These animals have... The burden of polar bears can fluctuate between 50-550 kilograms. New child polar bears weigh solely 500 grams and are 30 centimeters tall. They're high hunters. Essentially the most delicate sense organs are their noses and so they can scent from about 35 kilometers away. Polar bears advanced from brown bears about 4-5 million years in the past. Nevertheless, within the evolutionary course of, these two cousins ​​met once more and their genes blended with one another. Present genetic analyzes counsel that polar bear populations have very low genetic range, so these bears...
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