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  Yard Token фондовая биржа
Posted by: AngellaOrage - 09-12-2020, 09:22 AM - Forum: Life - No Replies

Новейшая биржа на финансовом рынке. Свидетельство о регистрации UIN 07N-44-3F от 2020-08-20. Правообладатель Abeslamidze Aleksandre. Здесь заработает каждый. Начало торгов от 06 сентября 2020 года. Подробнее>>>...

[Image: photo_2020-08-29_16-36-21.jpg]

инвестиционный проект

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  альфа банк 100 дней без процентов храни деньги
Posted by: Manpavy - 08-07-2020, 10:26 PM - Forum: Life - Replies (2)

тинькофф платинум виза карты кредитные без справок онлайн доставка visa alfa travel 2 убрир на 240 дней отзывы оформить без проверки кредитной истории кредитные карты газпромбанка условия

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  получить втб онлайн
Posted by: Manpavy - 08-07-2020, 09:49 PM - Forum: Life - No Replies

альфа тревел 1000 миль в подарок когда начислят получить карту рассрочки совесть тинькофф платинум условия кредитной карты райффайзенбанк карта лента условия 100 дней без процентов альфа банк две карты оформить теле2

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  мир оформить онлайн
Posted by: Manpavy - 08-07-2020, 09:35 PM - Forum: Life - No Replies

tinkoff platinum беспроцентный период карта перекресток альфа банк баллы убрир 120 дней без процентов получить карту халва с плохой кредитной карта тинькофф платинум отзывы в чем подвох 2019 восточный банк адрес

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: Family - No Replies

The Latin name of the mallow  plant is malva sylvestris and malva neglecta. This plant is a plant that blooms purple between June and September, found in uncultivated soils, fields, vineyards and roadsides.

In Which Regions Does Hibiscus Grow?
This delicious information is found especially in almost all regions of our country. It grows in Europe, Asia, Hungary and Belgium and also in Germany.

How To Use Hibiscus?
Both the leaves and flowers of this plant are collected between July and August. The flowers and leaves of the collected plant are laid freely in a sun-free and clean place and left to dry outdoors. After the flowers of the plant dry, these flowers turn blue. This color obtained after drying should be preserved. Therefore, the flowers are immediately stored away from light. Then the collected dried flowers and leaves are boiled with clean water and then mashed by draining. The young ones of this plant are on our table as vegetables. Fresh branches of the plant are used for abortion, especially in rural areas.

Ingredients in Hibiscus Plant:  This plant contains glucose, tannins, malvin and mucilage.

What Are The Medicinal Effects Of Hibiscus Plants?
Due to its mucilage, it has a softening feature. It is also used for both respiratory and digestive system irritations, angina, bronchitis, hoarseness and cough. To benefit from these features, 40 grams of mallow should be boiled in only 1 liter of clean water for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then, 5 coffee cups should be drunk during the day.

The mallow plant is also used by mouthwash both in mouth inflammations and sore throats. When doing such an application, it will be much better to add 3 drops of oxygen-added water into the mixture. Sore throats are very important as you know. Because if it is not prevented, it will bring many serious ailments. Therefore, if you are struggling with sore throats and you only need treatment methods on sore throats, we recommend you to review our articles that are good for sore throats .

When used externally as porridge, it is used to calm the wounds on the skin and boils. The only thing to do is to put the porridge on the boil or wound for a while with the help of a clean cheesecloth. The same application is also useful for eczema discomfort.

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: Family - No Replies

Plague grass plant is commonly called bald grass. However, their Latin names are petasites hybridus and petasites officinalis. This plant is a plant that has pink flowers in spring time and can open the leaves in summer time and reaches about 50 centimeters in length.

In Which Regions Does Plague Grow?
This plant is from the daisy family and can be easily found in almost any temperate zone of the world. However, this plant lives in colonies, especially in forests and shady areas.

How To Use Plague Grass?
The leaves and all parts of this plant that are above the soil are dried first and then boiled with clean water. This mixture that is boiled and prepared is used for healing. Tincture obtained from the root parts of the plant is used externally.

What Are The Ingredients In Plague Grass?
It contains abundant quantities of isopexin, petasin and saponin.

What Are The Benefits Of Plague Herb?
This herb has been used in cough treatment since ancient times. It is also used as a reliever for whooping cough, asthma and bronchial muscles due to its ingredients. Apart from these, it has spasm relieving, pain relief, both stomach, gallbladder and intestinal pain relief, therapeutic treatment in gallbladder disorders, highly effective in gastritis type gastric disorders, calming, sleeping, stimulating heart movements and diuretic properties.

For the treatment of the ailments mentioned above, 50 grams of plague is boiled in only one liter of clean water. Boiling process is continued until the water is half. This medicine, which is boiled and prepared, is drunk 4 times a day and only one cup.

In addition to the ailments we have mentioned, you can find medicines for the headaches of migraine and even heavy back pain by preparing medicines in the same way. To take advantage of these features of the plant, it will be enough to prepare tincture from its roots. Then all you have to do is apply the tincture you have prepared by massaging the aching areas. In this way, you can get rid of both low back pain and headache in a very short time. If you are complaining about the headaches that are constantly progressing rather than migraine and disturbing you for a long time, then you can take a look at our article about what are the best treatments for headaches where we describe how you can treat headaches at home and examine many herbal treatment methods .

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:52 PM - Forum: Funny - No Replies

Other names of the plant perennial plant include oil lamp, a thousand leaf grass, barsama grass and akbaşlı. The Latin name of this plant is achillea millefolium. This plant is 20 to 90 centimeters tall, hairy, especially in summer, blooming white flowers and especially loves dry soils.

In Which Regions Does Civan Perch Grow?
This plant is found on roadsides, dry meadows, in Eastern and Northern Anatolia, in the Balkans and in Central Europe.

How To Use Civan Perc?
The flowers of the plant are collected, including the leaves, before they are fully opened and then left to dry in a shade place. The dried plant is used as a medicine by boiling with water. This medicine, which can be used like tea, should be stored in a place where it is not exposed to light. If this water sees light, it will deteriorate immediately.

Substances Of The Yarrow Perennial Plant
This plant contains essential and fixed oil and a glycoside called achillein. There are pinens, cineol and berneol in the essential oil.

What Are The Medicinal Effects Of Yarrow Perch?
This herb removes gastric and intestinal gases, removes urine, opens appetite, removes flu and colds. To take advantage of these properties, boil 20 grams of yarrow in a liter of clean water and boil for at least 20 minutes. This prepared mixture should be drunk only after meals and only 1 cup.

If you need more information about the common cold and its treatment during these days when we enter the winter months, you can review our cold and its treatment article.

Another feature of this plant is its astringent effect. Thanks to this feature, it has a healing effect on wounds. It also gives vitality, accelerates blood circulation, cuts pain, is effective in gallbladder and abdominal spasms, and relieves inguinal and low back pain in women. To benefit from these effects of the plant, 50 grams of yarrow are boiled with 1 liter of clean water. Drink a maximum of 2 glasses of this boiled mixture during the day.

It is used by dressing the hemorrhoid problem externally. For this, fresh leaves of the plant are collected and squeezed well. This obtained plant water is applied as a dressing on both hemorrhoids and liquid wounds and 3 times a day. This drug is very effective and has no harm because it has a microbial effect due to its cineol content.

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:52 PM - Forum: Funny - No Replies

The orchid flower, which is liked by many with its appearance and the colors of its delicate flower, makes it special for the person to whom it is gifted. There are some points to be considered when growing the orchid flower. When to plant the flower, how to water it, its relationship with the sun should be taken into account. We answered for you how to sew an orchid onion and all the things you think about orchids in our article.

What Are The Features Of The Orchid Flower?
A valuable and noble flower, the orchid blooms only once a year. Orchid, which is one of the orchidaceae, has hundreds of varieties grown in different climatic conditions. Did you know that salepin used in ice cream making is a kind of orchid onion in our country? Onions are as valuable as the appearance of some orchid species.

The orchid has small leaves and its long stem attracts attention. Some parts of the stem have flowers, or the flowers are only on the top of the stem. Looking at the orchid, it can survive for many years. They have small structured seeds and combine with certain fungi to infuse the flower. It does not look for a difference in soil structure, it will be sufficient to like its place.
Orchids, which have different meanings in many countries, were a method used to determine the gender of children. Those who want to have a boy would consume the big onion of the orchid, and those who want to be a girl would consume the onion of the orchid. Considering that it represents purity in some countries, they would give an orchid gift to their loved ones.

There Are Different Types Of Orchid Flowers
Orchid flower can be yellow, white, yellow, purple and each has a different meaning. It is known that orchid flowers call male flies to reproduce. That is why fragrances are quite impressive, it is also known that these fragrances are very popular among lovers. Some special candles, perfumes are equipped with orchid flowers.

Orchid of the Phalaenopsis species can not be exposed to direct sun, they like shade. They are grown more easily than other orchids, they are easy to maintain. As it is compatible with the warm and rainy structure of tropical weather conditions, they can be grown easily everywhere unless there is a very cold environment in our country. It blooms at certain intervals in a year and comes out on the same stem.

Similar to phalaenopsis, Cymbidium needs heat and has more leaves than other species. It does not have a long stem, its large leaves spread sideways. You can easily look at home, it gives flowers in autumn.

Vanda is one of the most beautiful types of orchids. The flowers of many different colors fascinate you. There is a flat and bulk leaf arrangement. It blooms no more than 2 times a year and the duration of the flowers is about 2 months. Especially the ones with orange flowers are very popular.

Orchids bloom at different times according to their types, and different temperatures are needed. Some orchid species have only a few leaves, while others have plenty of leaves. You should know which type of orchid you bought, and prepare the appropriate environment for it.

What Should Be The Maintenance Conditions Of The Orchid?
You need to know what type of orchids are first. The first thing you will pay attention to when doing orchid care is the temperature of your room. Most orchids do not like cold weather, you should not keep your orchid in a place below 15 degrees. It is at most 25 degrees at the desired temperature in the daytime, the excess damages the plant.

If you have never grown orchids before, you should buy the previously planted and blooming orchid with a pot. The fact that the orchid you have received is two or more lumpy, it makes it easier for the orchid to get used to its new place. You should not put your orchid in direct contact with the sun, you should place it where it will receive bright and indirect sunlight. If you have orchids by the window, pull your tulle curtain when the sun's rays are upright. If your orchis has to stay in an environment that does not receive daylight, you should light up next to the plant.

How To Plant An Orchid Onion?
Orchid onion can be obtained from a healthy orchid, or it can be bought from florists. If you have orchids in your home and have seen small onions in their roots, wait until the onions are medium-sized. After reaching a certain size, separate the onions and plant them in the soil called tor. The orchid needs a moist but not very wet soil. You should keep the orchid away from the very hot and very cold environment, and just keep it on hold by creating a moist environment for it. For planting orchids, you must determine a planting time according to the type of plant. Many orchid species are planted in the spring, ask your florist for information on this.

Orchid Flower Relationship With The Sun Beam
If the orchid flower gets very light, the leaves begin to turn yellow and even become reddish. If your orchid gets little light, you will feel that it is lifeless when you touch the leaves, the color of the leaves is very dark green. The leaves of a healthy orchid are of normal hardness and a vibrant green hue.

Another trick to caring for orchids is not using tap water to the flower. Many substances in tap water negatively affect the development of the orchid. Boiled water, purified water, ready-made water, spring water support the growing of the orchid. When watering, you should not soak the leaves and flowers of the orchid. You should not pour water on the flowerpot. You should only make the soil moist, and water it during the morning hours when the sun's rays are slightly reflected. The flower that you water at night is exposed to a lot of water, the soil that remains moist for a long time begins to rot the orchid.
Since the orchid loves moisture, you can moisten the leaves once a day by putting water in a nut. The point to be noted here is that the leaves do not get wet, just moist. You can revive your orchids with liquid fertilizer once a month in winter and every 3 weeks in summer.

Changing The Orchid Pot
If your orchid looks quite healthy, it will be appropriate to replace the pot every few years. In your new pot, there should be soil suitable for the structure of the orchid and it should consist of vegetable fertilizers. As the time to change the pot of your orchid, you should choose the period when it does not bloom. If your orchid stays healthy, there is no need to change the pot. You should not keep your orchids in front of doors and windows, and should not be exposed to the wind. By opening your window upwards, you should be careful not to get air directly on your orchid.

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:51 PM - Forum: Actual - No Replies

The most common problems of those who want to grow tomatoes are problems related to the problem of flowering in tomatoes . If tomato flowers are drying and pouring, it's okay. Why do tomatoes shed? Continue reading our article. In the problem of my writing, you will find the reasons for the fall of tomato flowers and the solutions for this.

If you are wondering about the history of tomatoes other than tomato blossom, you can read our article when the tomato was found . So how does the tomato become red when it is a green fruit? I suggest you to read our article on how to fry a tomato in this question .

Before we move on to tomato flower care, let's look at the little information about growing tomatoes.

Characteristics of Tomato : It is known that tomato spread from Peru, its homeland, to other countries and entered our country from Adana. The biological structure of tomato is self-pollinating. But a small amount of foreign fertilization can be observed.

Plant Characteristics Of Tomato
Root: The depth of the tomato roots underground and its distribution to the sides reach a meter length. Root distribution area in greenhouse type cultivation is restricted around 69 cm. The reason for this is that the movement of the soil water is not a top-down sprinkler, but a bottom-up impregnation system. Since the roots of tomatoes grown in greenhouse-type indoor areas are quite weak, the plant should be suspended.

Trunk And Leaves: From the moment the trunk begins to come out of the ground, while round, furry and soft texture, in the following periods, round parts turn into corners and soft parts become hardness. The plant is very prone to branching and expansion. From the place where each leaf is attached to the stem, new tomato shoots appear, which are called seats. Tomatoes are divided into two as dwarf and pole varieties. Stunting plants have a limited branching system and have a bush-like appearance. In the pole varieties, after the formation of a bunch of flowers, the growth continues in the growth end, while the side shoots and flowering processes continue in the leaf seats.

Flower, Seed and Fruit: Tomato flowers are males that have male and female flowers in the same flower. Flowering occurs with the flattening and maturation of the shoot tip. Flowering occurs mainly in the form of bunches on the flat ends of the shoot ends. The first flower of the bunch is formed in the first place. The second flower grows in the growth seat immediately after the first flower. Flowering from the growth seats continues until the inflorescences are completed. Tomatoes are classified in the fruit group and should divide the fruits. Their shape is irregular, since two and more compartments usually occur from large varieties.

Garden Tomato Growing

Tomato is the easiest plant to grow and is suitable for balcony farming. It is a different pleasure to collect vegetables that you grow from your garden and use them in salads and meals. In spring, dig the soil in your garden deeply and ventilate it thoroughly. After supporting the soil with liquid fertilizers containing enough nitrogen and calcium, close deeply dug slots to air the soil and cool the soil to form a smooth line on your garden.

Seedling Production

In special pots, you can grow your seedling from tomato seeds yourself. Seedlings grown under the sunlight, on the windowsill, on the balcony, in the garden, develop quickly. However, as the soil temperature decreases, germination and development times slow down. If you grow seedlings in pots, make sure to give plenty of water.

As the seedling grows, cut the leaves under the stem at a flat angle about 1.5 cm from the stem with sharp scissors. Thus, tomato seedlings grow healthier. You can do the same when you plant the seedling in the garden soil or in the field.
Brush the seedlings every other day with a soft brush while growing the seedlings. As a result, their stems are purified from dust and attract more sunlight, and you have a tomato seedling with a thick stem. There is no need to make seedlings that you planted in open ground, because the wind acts as a natural brush for tomato seedlings. After planting the seedlings in the ground, prevent water loss by giving plenty of water.

It is necessary to water three days a week, especially in the cooler hours of the evening. Reduce the amount of water given as the harvest period approaches. Do not plant another eaves root plant in the soil where you plant tomatoes. Be sure to tear off the shoots that do not bloom on tomato seedlings. These are inefficient parts that absorb the power of the plant. It pauses the development of growing tomatoes by consuming all the minerals in the soil.

Why Tomatoes Flower
There are many situations that cause the tomato flower to fall out. Excessive temperatures above the normal season, inefficient soil, irrigation mistakes, overheating of the pot by getting excessive sunlight, insemination and excessive irrigation causes pouring of tomato flower.

The frequency of watering should be reduced after the tomato blooms . When irrigation is reduced, it will be easier for the plant to get enough minerals from the soil to bear fruit. To ensure the tomato seedling life cycle, it will turn to fruit formation when water is reduced. When the plant begins to bear fruit, it is possible to switch to normal irrigation scheme. In addition, irregular and careless watering creates an environment for many diseases to pass to the plant. To prevent this, drip irrigation systems are used. The period of fertilizer supplement to the plant starts after the formation of fruit. Fertilizing before the plant bears fruit causes the bunch of fruit to burn.

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Posted by: admin - 07-27-2020, 06:51 PM - Forum: Actual - No Replies

The homeland of tomato, whose family is from eggplant, is known as Central and South America. The tomato, which is the fruit of a tomato plant, is an edible plant and is one of the main elements of the vegetable group in our country.


Tomato classified as a vegetable in America in 1893 is actually a type of fruit.
After the discovery of America, tomato gained public awareness and its production increased.
Tomato was first grown by a farmer named Thomas Jefferson, but people believed that this fruit was poisonous because of its color, avoiding eating tomatoes.
European people named this plant "love fruit" because they believe that tomato has a romantic feature.
Being the most consumed vegetable in our country, tomato contains many vitamins that are considered useful for our body in terms of its high antioxidant properties. The most important health benefits of tomatoes is that the “lycopene” component in its content provides the vegetable with a red color. Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, it also contains vitamin E and carotene.

Tomato is the number one fighter of osteoporosis disease and is one of the most important foods that support our health for problems such as heart disease and vascular occlusion. Tomatoes are one of the foods that should be consumed for cancer diseases. Lycopene in the body of tomato provides antioxidant, which is of high importance for the heart, in cardiovascular diseases and significantly supports the recovery of the heart and vascular patients.

Tomatoes also overcome tasks such as protecting blood cells in terms of providing our bodies with vitamin E and C. In recent studies, it has been stated that tomato has a cholesterol lowering feature and it is important that cholesterol patients consume tomatoes as much as possible.

Tomato is a vegetable suitable for consumption thanks to its content that prevents blood clotting. Tomatoes also have positive effects on women who have gone through menopause. These effects prevent bone tissue change. The use of tomatoes in prostate disease in men reduces the risk of this disease turning into prostate cancer. The ingredient named alpha tomatin in the tomato suppresses the production of cells that cause prostate cancer, so the importance of tomato consumption comes from here.

During the researches carried out for prostate cancer, the structure of tomato that prevents bad cell formation for lung cancer has been handled and it has been confirmed that individuals with lung cancer can also consume tomatoes frequently. Tomatoes contain vitamins B1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and B6 as well as vitamins A, E and C. Phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium minerals are other important elements in the content of tomato.

For every individual who tries to lose weight by dieting, tomato consumption comes first. The main reason for this is that the tomato has a very low calorie.

One medium-sized tomato has a very low calorie of 22 calories and meets 20% of vitamin A and 26% of vitamin C, which should be taken daily. The juice of tomato is also suitable for the consumption of dieters. Tomato juice gives a long-term feeling of satiety and adapts to your diet.

Vitamin A, one of the most important vitamins for eye health, is abundant in tomato, so the consumption of tomatoes reduces the risk of vision impairment very little. Vitamin A directly affects the eyes and ensures a very good viewing angle, even in low light.

Individuals with eye disease called Macular Degeneration consume tomatoes, allowing them to minimize this disease.

The tomato, which has the feature of renewing the skin, supports the production of collagen and provides the skin to have a flexible structure.
Tomato is anti-aging with its antioxidant feature.
Tomatoes also reduce blood sugar pressure to the lowest level.
Offering richness in Vitamin A, tomatoes strengthen our hair from root to tip and give the hair a natural look that comes spontaneously.
People who consume tomatoes in terms of containing carotenoids and flavonoids are less affected by the sun's UV rays than people who do not.
Individuals who consume tomatoes without seeds have a low risk of kidney and gallstone formation.
Tomatoes containing flavonoids and carotenoids minimize the risk of inflammation in abundant consumption with this feature.

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