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The Latin name of the mallow  plant is malva sylvestris and malva neglecta. This plant is a plant that blooms purple between June and September, found in uncultivated soils, fields, vineyards and roadsides.

In Which Regions Does Hibiscus Grow?
This delicious information is found especially in almost all regions of our country. It grows in Europe, Asia, Hungary and Belgium and also in Germany.

How To Use Hibiscus?
Both the leaves and flowers of this plant are collected between July and August. The flowers and leaves of the collected plant are laid freely in a sun-free and clean place and left to dry outdoors. After the flowers of the plant dry, these flowers turn blue. This color obtained after drying should be preserved. Therefore, the flowers are immediately stored away from light. Then the collected dried flowers and leaves are boiled with clean water and then mashed by draining. The young ones of this plant are on our table as vegetables. Fresh branches of the plant are used for abortion, especially in rural areas.

Ingredients in Hibiscus Plant:  This plant contains glucose, tannins, malvin and mucilage.

What Are The Medicinal Effects Of Hibiscus Plants?
Due to its mucilage, it has a softening feature. It is also used for both respiratory and digestive system irritations, angina, bronchitis, hoarseness and cough. To benefit from these features, 40 grams of mallow should be boiled in only 1 liter of clean water for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then, 5 coffee cups should be drunk during the day.

The mallow plant is also used by mouthwash both in mouth inflammations and sore throats. When doing such an application, it will be much better to add 3 drops of oxygen-added water into the mixture. Sore throats are very important as you know. Because if it is not prevented, it will bring many serious ailments. Therefore, if you are struggling with sore throats and you only need treatment methods on sore throats, we recommend you to review our articles that are good for sore throats .

When used externally as porridge, it is used to calm the wounds on the skin and boils. The only thing to do is to put the porridge on the boil or wound for a while with the help of a clean cheesecloth. The same application is also useful for eczema discomfort.

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